Archived Works

These plays are not currently in production.

Health and Safety

AUDIENCES for these plays included health care professionals, caregivers, and students.
VENUES included health care facilities, universities, schools and colleges, conferences, professional development workshops, and in-service training programs.

No Big Deal?

By Vrenia Ivonoffski and Ross E. Gray. No Big Deal? is a fast-paced, touching, and often humourous exploration of the ways men and the women in their lives deal with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

I Don’t Know You Anymore

By John Tench. Problems, solutions and compromises involved in dealing with the disinhibited behaviour of some older people with dementia. A one-act drama designed to stimulate discussion around this sensitive subject.

Best of Intentions

By John Tench, follows the progress of an elderly mother from home care to institutional care. This FORUM THEATRE presentation examines a variety of interactions between familial and professional caregivers.

Who Speaks For Emily?

By Jo Cannon. The family of a person dying with Alzheimer’s decides on the level of treatment in her final days. The play underlines the value of advance directives (living wills). Audience participation through FORUM THEATRE.

A Quiet Walk

By John Tench, concerns the stimuli and control of violence in people with Alzheimer’s. Set in a respite care home, the presentation deals with a family’s journey from fear and confusion to acceptance. FORUM THEATRE

The Bath

By John Tench. The play is set in a care residence where an older man is humiliated by a well-intentioned but insensitive nurse.

Quality of Life

AUDIENCES for these plays included seniors’ groups, church groups, the general public, and service organizations.
VENUES included seniors’ residences, club events, church halls, and seniors’ centres.


A collaborative work with Belfry Theatre, through their SPARK Festival program – investigates the role technology plays in keeping seniors connected to friends, family, and society. Fusing nostalgia and technology, Firewall explores the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, social media, and virtual connections for everyone, not just seniors. Does being ‘connected’ really save us from becoming isolated?

Dot Con

By Esme Mills. An hilarious look at the way older adults are (or are not) coping with the new computer age. An elderly woman and her friends sample the ups and downs of computer dating, investing, and other questionable online “opportunities.”

A Quiet Day in the Country

By John Tench. During a family outing, an elderly woman’s adult children get unruly, and Mother finds a surprising but effective solution.

At the Dance

Two shy pensioners overcome their fears and find the courage to connect. Funny and charming.

Of Mice and Money

By John Tench. A con-man, a worried daughter, and a banker offer well-meaning advice to an elderly, overly trusting widow. A humorous cautionary tale.

Let’s Have My Wake Before I’m Gone

By Judith McDowell. A person with terminal cancer and her family, after initial disagreements and quarrels, learn to face death with a measure of control and acceptance. The concepts of representation agreement and hospice care are touched upon. FORUM THEATRE.

Stella Cleans House

By Jo Cannon. An overzealous daughter goes overboard in “protecting” her mother from real and imagined hazards; mother turns elsewhere for comfort!

Alma – A Caregiver’s Story

By John Tench. This play illustrates how a husband gradually comes to terms with his wife’s progressive dementia, and accepts help.

A Leak in the Plumbing

By Heldor Schäfer. Stuck in an apartment elevator on their way to various destinations, five women and one man have different reactions when one among them has an “accident.” FORUM THEATRE.


By Jo Cannon. Demonstrates how healthy seniors can protect themselves from common injuries and stay active – very, very active!

Father’s Little Holiday

By John Tench. Three siblings resort to drawing lots to determine who of them will have to “babysit” their aging father during a long-promised token mini-vacation, when they suddenly receive an unexpected long-distance phone call from him – from a rather unexpected, exotic location!

Nobody Wants My Old Organs

By Heldor Schäfer and the company of players of Target Theatre. An elderly woman at a golf course tries to break the news to her estranged daughter that she wants to be an organ donor when her “time comes.” A cast of diverse characters – from bag lady to hot dog vendor, golfers to bartender – have a go at the controversies and urban myths surrounding the subject.

Millicent Steps into the Arena

By John Tench. Three women devise a plot to lure a shy man in Millicent’s building for a tête-a-tête in her apartment, only to have their well-laid plans backfire. A light-hearted play about a mature woman’s attempts at re-entering the dating scene when she gets fed up with waiting for a suitable man to take the first step.

Wot – No Soap?

By the company of players of Target Theatre who play themselves in this musical revue that remembers the sad and the funny of a time when its participants were young. Monologues, music, songs and dance, all woven around the World War II experiences of Target performers.