Active Works

In the 2023-24 Season, Target is offering the following plays for Bookings.

Short Takes

I’m Herbert is a heart warming comedy about a couple who have been together so long they forget who they are. Or are they just teasing each other?  15 minutes

Post Its is a life story of one couple as told by the notes they leave each other on the fridge from their first date onwards.  It’s really about how love grows over time. 15 minutes

Light Entertainment

Stayin’ Alive (available now) 35 minutes of fun filled singing, dancing, slapstick and soap as the Target Team take you back in time to those halcyon days when radio was king and TV was not even a flicker of blue light in the living room! 35 minutes

Age on Wheels (available Oct 31) Target takes to the stage to explore the ins and outs of safe driving for seniors.  Go ‘on the road’ with your favorite cast of elderly adventurers.  30 minutes

Longer Works

I’m Still Here (available  Sept ’23 to Jan ’24 only) A research- based drama on living with dementia, the show weaves several real life stories together to present a moving and ultimately hopeful look at dementia.   45 minutes

The Space Between (available Feb 24 – June ’24 only ) A look at different scams that can affect seniors – from the ‘grandchild in trouble’ scam to the ‘you have won!’ scam, this important topic is covered in an entertaining way.  45 minutes