Audience Comments

Our audiences have included health care professionals, seniors’ groups, caregivers, church groups, students, the general public, and service organizations.

“The methodology used by Target Theatre is unquestionably the most innovative and powerful educational tool I have personally experienced.”

“Whew! A great introduction to a very difficult subject. Good issues raised on stage and by the audience.”

“Target was fantastic, innovative and thought provoking. This group should be funded to go to all elder care facilities and should be a prerequisite for [any nursing] course.”

Scam Videos

(Door to Door Sales, Grandparent, Romance) July 2021

The videos are well done, short & simple, but show really good info. Please congratulate the group for me.

These are wonderful and so professional. I think this is so effective in this medium.  So many people can see it this way. Really well acted.  

I’m Still Here (ISH)

ISH March 12, 2016

The cast performed with a sustained energy and focus.  The actors really came together as an ensemble that engaged the audience with sincerity and a passion that moved many to tears.

Beautiful and moving. I cried.

I have a recent diagnosis of dementia. Now I know what is ahead of me. Amazing talent. Superb language. Lots of people need to see this!

Actors do a brilliant job. The message in the play of ” care for the person, not the disease ” is very clear. Important that the care givers are there for them.

We need to see more like these plays.

Most impressed.  The scene in the play of the dementia sufferer confused in the grocery line up is so accurate. It happens all the time. Cried many times.

In the play there was nothing left out. So glad I was here to share.

My mom has dementia. After seeing the play, now I have a better understanding.

Thank you so much for today’s production of “I’m Still Here”.  We greatly appreciate your group’s efforts and enthusiasm in travelling up island to present this very important subject.  Thank you all again for your hard work and talent!

“Your play…touched my heart. Through my nursing practice so far, I have worked with many clients and families who are dealing with Alzheimer’s. It is a struggle for the heart for all involved… Thanks again for your honest look and portrayal of life.”

ISH May 24, 2016

Very good performance; has a friend with dementia, after seeing the play it triggered that she should go and visit her.

Compared with TV and negative stereo types, it was good for her to see ISH as she understands the issues a lot more than just book learning; more in depth.


All perspectives – broad; “personhood” history of a person, “people” even if a loved one does not recognize you, your presence for them is important.

His mother has a cognitive problem with dementia.  He is so thankful that his sister can visit daily.

Wife is 93, 5 years in an institute.  Each scenario he could recognize from his wife’s care experience; wife lashed out at daughter “That’s not my mom!”

Seen all that is represented here re: family & staff.  If we understand, it takes some of the pain of watching the deterioration of the person away by an performing an act of compassion; honouring the staff in their dealings with persons.

Appreciated seeing the Dr. character wishing she could help more.

Mother in care is overwhelmed by family dinner and becoming confused by children talking so fast; the importance of music in lives of Alzheimer’s patients (students use it in their work).

Handbag/key scene: people identified with and seen over and over in their lives

ISH Sept 22, 2016

I personally liked the scene between the two sisters, where instead of challenging her, you met her where she was at… a good reminder for families to get to that place.  That was very powerful for me.

ISH Sept 25, 2016

We need to keep in mind that this disease can affect younger people also.

I had to go through that with my wife and I could see the stages, and you performed that really well, you really did.  You don’t just lose a partner, you lose everything.  And it doesn’t stop there, it continues throughout your life.

I had an appreciation for the role of the daughter dealing with frustration, anger, and confusion: just be there.  (Related her own story, emotionally.)  … reference to the kindness and affection of a care aide and how that subsequently positively affected her mother’s behaviour and thoughts.

One of the reasons why I moved here to the island is to help my mom.  And I asked my daughter and her boyfriend to join me here today because they need to see this, and as we get older, to be there for us. (emotional) … and it’s hard to give your love sometimes because what comes out of their mouths is absolutely shocking – and it’s every day.  And it does hurt a lot.  I have a sister who won’t even come up:  She hasn’t come up in three years.  At times I can joke with my mom.  Thank you for the play – it really helps a lot of us.

Can You Hear The Birds?

March 24, 2018

Audience members said they enjoyed the performance and were glad they had attended.

Excellent minimal set.

Actors did a great job.

Mom’s condo scene really important – people ignoring the older owner of the condo.

Importance of understanding how ambient noise makes hearing difficult – well done.

Loved the people fountain!

Audience member expressed importance of people with hearing impairments taking responsibility for educating others about their condition and how others can help improve communication with them. (This relates to empowering the hearing loss person and is talked about in one of the interviews conducted.)

No Big Deal?

The play is very forthright about the issues.

Couples should view play together because it will open up the conversation between the couple.

Liked the dynamics between the couples.

Enjoyed the actors’ portrayals, they were real.  Impressive.

No Big Deal? April 3, 2016

   Well Acted

   Brilliant. The play showed how the problem acts on both sexes.

   The actors handled it well.

   Well acted.  It showed the women felt the pain as well.

   People don’t appreciate how drama can play an important part in information.

    Incredibly excited by Target’s work.

   It was a smaller audience than anticipated but the reaction was very gratifying and the outpouring of compliments from all who attended was a unanimous vote of excellence.

   Excellent.  Covered the steps from diagnosis to surgery and healing and recovery.  Stressed the importance of spouse support. 

I Don’t Know You Anymore, 2009

“Your play I Don’t Know You Anymore touched my heart. Through my nursing practice so far I have worked with many clients and families who are dealing with Alzheimer’s. It is a struggle for the heart for all involved… Thanks again for your honest look and portrayal of life.”

“Target Theatre’s performance of I Don’t Know You Anymore was truly a highlight of… our recent provincial conference… Although it raised some very controversial issues, and the ensuing discussion was quite emotional, I thought it might interest you to know that Target Theatre received glowing praise from participants attending the conference. Just a sampling of the comments we received:

  • Thought provoking. Good for discussions afterwards with other caregivers (ethics, etc.)
  • This has stimulated me to think, rethink and think again about this subject. Do I want someone to tell me what to do or stop me from acting on my feelings? If I need love and compassion and passion, I would hate for someone to stop me if I was consenting.
  • Whew! A great introduction to a very difficult subject. Good issues raised on stage and by the audience. We need to talk more about this.

“Thank you all so much for helping to make our conference a success.”

“The Target Theatre Society drama presentations were excellent. What a creative and powerful use of drama to show the challenges of caregiving in Alzheimer’s disease! I hope to see them again (in the) future… They added so much to the conference.”

  • This is an excellent way to train staff…
  • You have provided insight into interaction and action to assist in diffusing a situation, showing empathy (while) including client and family in the process.
  • A wonderful way to learn approach and communication skills with AD individuals.
  • I wish all families could see this one! It might make that difficult situation a little easier.
  • Target was fantastic, innovative and thought provoking. This group should be funded to go to all elder care facilities and should be a pre-requisite for the p.a.c. LPN RN course.