Past Performances

Scam VideosVictoria, BCOnline (Click link to page)July, 2021
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria12/03/20
Faceless BureaucratsVictoria, BCPrivate Venue17/12/19
Age on WheelsNewcomers Club, Victoria07/05/19
Can You Hear The Birds?Victoria, BCFirst Metropolitan United Church03/04/19
Can You Hear The Birds?Victoria, BCLutheran Church of the Cross30/03/19
Can You Hear The Birds?Mount St Mary’s26/03/19
Can You Hear The Birds?Victoria, BCThe Wellesley19/03/19
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCSt Mathias Church27/02/19
I’m Still HereVictoria Hospice14/02/19
Gala Fundraiser and Silent AuctionVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre26/10/18
I’m Still HereVictoria Hospice27/09/18
Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)Victoria, BCGoward House04/06/18
I’m Still HereMount St Mary’s29/05/18
Age on WheelsUplands Probus23/05/18
Can You Hear the Birds?Brentwood BayCentral Saanich Seniors20/04/18
Can You Hear the Birds?Sidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre11/04/18
Can You Hear the Birds?Victoria, BCYakimovich Wellness Centre
(Hillside Seniors Health Centre)
I’m Still HereVictoria Hospice22/02/18
Age on WheelsVintage Car Club of Canada, Victoria Chapter06/02/18
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCThe Wellesley03/02/18
I’m Still HereSidney, BCSt. Paul’s United Church21/01/18
Age on WheelsJames Bay Community Project14/12/17
I’m Still HereLangfordLangford, Gordon United Church16/11/17
I’m Still HereVictoria First Church of the Nazarene (Quadra)28/10/17
I’m Still HereElder Friendly Community Network, The Wellesley21/10/17
I’m Still HereComox Valley Elder College, Stan Hagen Theatre03/10/17
I’m Still HerePowell River Hospice, Powell River Public Library02/10/17
I’m Still HerePowell River Hospice, Willingdon Creek Village02/10/17
I’m Still HereCobble Hill Events Society28/09/17
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue21/09/17
Age on WheelsJesken Aerie Assisted Living Residence07/06/17
Age On WheelsOak BayMonterey Centre28/04/17
Post-ItsVictoria, BCYakimovich Wellness Centre
(Hillside Seniors Health Centre)
I’m Still HereJesken Aerie Assisted Living Residence15/03/17
I’m Still HereMount St Mary’s08/03/17
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria23/02/17
Age on WheelsJewish Community Centre of Victoria20/02/17
I’m Still HereElder Friendly Community Network14/01/17
Age on WheelsUnited Church Retirees24/11/16
Age On WheelsVictoria, BCThe Victorian on Feltham09/11/16
No Big DealOak BayMonterey Centre03/11/16
Info Session (no play)Saanich Probus19/10/16
Fund Raiser: Are You Of Age? with
I’m Still Here, Post-Its, I’m Herbert
Victoria, BCIntrepid15/10/16
I’m Still HereBrentwood BayCentral Saanich Seniors25/09/16
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria22/09/16
No Big DealJewish Community Centre of Victoria16/05/16
No Big DealVictoriaHillside Seniors Health Centre03/04/16
I’m Still HereNanaimoGerontological Nursing Association of BC12/03/16
I’m Still HereVictoria Hospice25/02/16
I’m Still HereOak BayMonterey Centre06/01/16
I’m Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie18/11/15
I’m Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons04/11/15
I’m Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+27/10/15
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria08/10/15
TrilogySidney All Care27/05/15
Presentation on Target
followed by one of the comedies
Probus Royal Oak at Uplands Golf Club13/04/15
A Trilogy of ComediesJewish Community Centre of Victoria23/03/15
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons11/03/15
A Trilogy of ComediesGordon Head Connecting Seniors05/03/15
A Trilogy of ComediesOphir Place28/02/15
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria26/02/15
2 ComediesVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+28/10/14
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria23/10/14
Dot ConSaanich Grads05/06/14
Stayin’ AliveSooke Branch #88 of OAP & Seniors’ Org28/05/14
Stayin’ AliveVictoria, BCShannon Oaks23/05/14
Dot Con & Stayin’ AliveCampbell River Seniors’ Centre07/05/14
Dot Con & Stayin’ AliveParksville Drop-In Centre and
Qualicum Beach Seniors’ Centre
Dot ConVictoria, BC30/04/14
Stayin’ AliveVictoria, BCGoward House03/04/14
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival23/03/14
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival22/03/14
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival21/03/14
Firewall – OpeningVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival20/03/14
Firewall – PreviewVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival19/03/14
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria20/02/14
Stayin’ AliveLIONS at CNIB12/02/14
Stayin AliveVictoriaSaanich Volunteer Appreciation at
Cedar Hill Golf Club
Stayin AliveVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie22/01/14
Stayin’ AliveSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre13/12/13
Dot ConPrivate Venue22/11/13
Stayin’ Alive After 55Victoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+29/10/13
Dot ConVictoria, BCThe Victorian on Feltham24/10/13
Dot ConVictoria, BCOak Bay Kiwanis Club24/10/13
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria03/10/13
Dot ConSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre11/09/13
Target Fund RaiserVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre18/05/13
Dot ConVictoria, BCGoward House10/05/13
Dot COnVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+07/05/13
Dot ConVictoria, BCSaanich Centre Silver Threads30/04/13
Dot ConVictoria, BCVictoria Centre Silver Threads23/04/13
No Big DealVictoria, BCPrivate Venue09/04/13
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCSaanich Penninsula Hospitial21/02/13
I’m Still HereRichmond, BCHospice, Richmond07/02/13
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie29/11/12
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria01/11/12
No Big Deal for Volunteer Patient AppreciationVictoriaIsland Medical School13/10/12
No Big Deal Innaugural performanceVictoria, BCPrivate Venue12/06/12
FundraiserVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre19/05/12
Dot ConPrivate Venue09/05/12
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue23/02/12
Dot ConVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+14/02/12
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue20/10/11
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCPrivate Venue15/10/11
Dot ConVictoria, BCGoward House19/05/11
Dot ConVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre15/05/11
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+12/04/11
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCYakimovich Wellness Centre
(Hillside Seniors Health Centre)
I’m Still HereVictoria, BC03/03/11
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCShannon Oaks18/01/11
Dot ConVictoria, BCBereavement Self Help Resources01/12/10
Age on WheelsEsquimalt, BCArchie Browning Arena17/11/10
CancelledVictoria, BCBerwick Retirement Communities07/10/10
Age on WheelsSidney, BCSt. Andrew’s Church Hall12/06/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCGoward House26/04/10
Intergenerational Event – Age on Wheels excerptsVictoria, BCCedar Hill Recreation Centre23/04/10
I’m Still HereTofino, BCPacific Rim Hospice20/04/10
TBAVictoria, BCBerwick Retirement Communities15/04/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCOak Bay Kiwanis Club01/04/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie05/03/10
Age on WheelsSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre18/02/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCBurnside-Gorge Community Centre16/02/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCShannon Oaks15/02/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BC10/02/10
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue28/01/10
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCJuan de Fuca Seniors’ Centre21/01/10
I’m Still HereDuncan, BCSt. Edward’s Church15/11/09
I’m Still HereVancouver, BCPrivate Venue09/11/09
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCFairfield Activity Centre04/11/09
I Don’t Know You AnymoreVictoria, BCPrivate Venue26/10/09
An Evening with TargetVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre15/10/09
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCTheatre @ Berwick Royal Oak13/10/09
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue08/10/09
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country,
Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance)
Victoria, BCAlexander Mackie Lodge13/03/09
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country,
Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance)
Victoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons11/03/09
I’m Still HereParksville, BCTigh-Na-Mara28/02/09
I’m Still HereVictoria , BCMedical Science Building at UVIC26/02/09
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHotel Grand Pacific19/02/09
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country,
Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance)
Victoria, BCSaanich Centre Silver Threads21/01/09
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria