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Target Theatre's newest play:
Target Theatre Radio Hour
By Susan Wilkey and Judith McDowell.
Concerns related to staying safe are humorously brought to life by The Target Gang in this 40's style radio show with songs, music, a soap opera, the comedy of Dot and Dotty and, of course, the melodies of the Target Singers.

1991 – 1996

1991 – 1996
As players gained confidence and performance skills they changed their emphasis from improvisational applied theatre to applied theatre scripted works developed and written by the members themselves. Under the direction of Kate Wilkinson, who succeeded Sylvia upon her retirement, plays were designed as interactive teaching tools, aimed at both lay and professional audiences. The subject matter was largely determined by requests from organizations in the health care and social services areas.

It was during this time that the company began using forum theatre techniques to dramatize every-day problems associated with the aged. This form of “transformational” theatre is derived from Brazilian drama teacher Augusto Boal’s theatre of the oppressed which addresses social issues in a practical way.

Forum theatre dramatizes common problems in people’s lives, but does not impose solutions or a specific point of view. Instead, audiences are encouraged to work with the actors in “playing out” alternative approaches and solutions to an issue. This collaborative process involves group discussion and improvisation and Target was fortunate to work with Chilean-born Director Lina de Guevara of Puente Theatre Society, which was founded in 1988 to act as a bridge between cultures in the larger Victoria community.

In this period, Target was again filmed by CBC Mid-Day (at Edward Milne School, Sooke). They also participated in the Victoria Fringe Festivals with “One Tooth Clapping”, and “Wot No Soap”, and received many reviews in print media.

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