Target Theatre’s newest play

“Can You Hear the Birds?” by Kat Taddei, explores hearing loss, what it means to the person who has a hearing loss, how we can understand what that loss means, and how we can support that person.


Donate online to Target through Canada Helps Also, besides Canada Helps, we have a GoFundMe page. Donate online to Target through GoFundMe The GoFundMe page was set up specifically for donations to support the writing and producing of a play on Hearing Loss. Hearing Loss affects a broad spectrum of individuals, including almost 50% of people over 60. Target hopes to have the first performance of this play ready for spring, 2018 – with your help. Thank you for donating.

Active Works

Target’s Active Works

Target plays focus on two main areas: Health and Safety and Quality of Life

Health and Safety

AUDIENCES for these plays include health care professionals, caregivers, and students.
VENUES include health care facilities, universities, schools and colleges, conferences, professional development workshops, and in-service training programs.

I’m Still Here
By Vrenia Ivonoffski with Gail Mitchell & Christine Jonas-Simpson. A research-based Drama on Living with Dementia, weaves several real-life stories together to present a moving and ultimately hopeful look at dementia. The play increases understanding and diminishes the fears and stigma that often surround this subject.

No Big Deal
By Vrenia Ivonoffski and Ross E. Gray. No Big Deal is a fast-paced, touching, and often humourous exploration of the ways men and the women in their lives deal with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Quality of Life

AUDIENCES for these plays include seniors’ groups, church groups, the general public, and service organizations.
VENUES include seniors’ residences, club events, church halls, and seniors’ centres.

Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)
By Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley. Post-Its traces a couple’s relationship through courtship and marriage. This cleverly written play brings to life the memories of an ordinary couple with ups and downs to which we can all relate. Humorous and fast paced, anyone who has experienced love and loss will identify with the play.

A Target collaborative work – investigates the role technology plays in keeping seniors connected to friends, family, and society. Fusing nostalgia and technology, Firewall explores the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, social media, and virtual connections for everyone, not just seniors. Does being ‘connected’ really save us from becoming isolated?

Dot Con
By Esme Gosling. An hilarious look at the way older adults are (or are not) coping with the new computer age. An elderly woman and her friends sample the ups and downs of computer dating, investing, and other questionable online “opportunities.”

I’m Herbert
By Robert Anderson. Two octogenarians have difficulty keeping track of their shared lives and loves. A hilarious look at the lighter side of memory loss.

Faceless Bureaucrats
By Jo Cannon. A farcical situation develops when city hall officials play “pass the buck” with an elderly and determined citizen. Don’t try this at your city hall!
Read an excerpt of this play (pdf)…

A Quiet Day in the Country
By John Tench. During a family outing, an elderly woman’s adult children get unruly, and Mother finds a surprising but effective solution.
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