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Target Theatre's newest play:
“Can You Hear the Birds?” by Kat Taddei, explores hearing loss, what it means to the person who has a hearing loss, how we can understand what that loss means, and how we can support that person.

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The Players:

Players 2012 Top row: Alan Venn, Peter McNab; Second row: Gary Johnson, Madeleine Mills; Third row: Jane Krieger, Susan Wilkey, June Boston, Lou-Ann Edgar, Fred Mabey; Bottom row(l-r): Bill Eastman, Fred Storgeoff, Pam Miller, Bill Beer;

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Our Board of Directors 2018-19:

President and Board of Director Chair

Judith Alldritt-McDowell

Vice President Pearl Arden
George Morfitt
Secretary Penelope Harwood
Players’ Representative
Pearl Arden
Director at Large
Jennifer Pritchard


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Community Liaison 2018-19:

Madeleine Mills


Our Artistic Coordinator

Tristan Bacon