Target Theatre’s newest play

“Can You Hear the Birds?” by Kat Taddei, explores hearing loss, what it means to the person who has a hearing loss, how we can understand what that loss means, and how we can support that person.


Donate online to Target through Canada Helps Also, besides Canada Helps, we have a GoFundMe page. Donate online to Target through GoFundMe The GoFundMe page was set up specifically for donations to support the writing and producing of a play on Hearing Loss. Hearing Loss affects a broad spectrum of individuals, including almost 50% of people over 60. Target hopes to have the first performance of this play ready for spring, 2018 – with your help. Thank you for donating.

Target history

Target history

Left to Right: Howard Farley, June Boston, Rosalie Frampton, Josie Newman (upside down!) Jodi Andrews, John Tench, name of woman in dark sweater yet to be confirmed

1986 – 1991
In 1986, fifteen Victorians began attending a weekly acting class, called “Hamming It Up,” taught by Sylvia Gamble. The students ranged in age from 50 to 80 years, and they attended for the fun of it all while learning a little about the craft of acting. After two years, apparently still having fun, the group began to evolve into a theatre company doing improvisational sketches for limited audiences. More…1986 – 1991…

1991 – 1996
As players gained confidence and performance skills they changed their emphasis from improvisational applied theatre to applied theatre scripted works developed and written by the members themselves. More…1991 – 1996…

1996 – 2001
Most of Target Theatre’s scripts showed varieties of dysfunctional behaviour, and it was up to the audience to pinpoint this and, working together, to improve situations for all involved — patients, caregivers, and family members. More…1996 – 2001…

2001 – 2006
Target’s mission has been consistent for over 20 years: Theatre by seniors, which celebrates life-creating social transformation through entertainment and education, abbreviated as ‘Creating Social Transformation Through Theatre’. More…2001 – 2006…

2006 – 2009
Currently, Target Theatre has 10 Active Performing Members, as well as two guest performers — all over 50 years of age — a volunteer member board, an artistic director and a business manager. More…2006 – 2009…

2009 – Current
Currently, Target Theatre has 15 Players, as well as a volunteer board, an artistic director and a bookings coordinator. In addition to its weekly meetings, Target performs an average of twice per month. More…2009 – Current…

1986 – 2011 – Target Players