Upcoming Performances

Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming performances right now. Check back soon!

Artistic Coordinator Needed.

Deadline for applications June 1, 2017. Resumes to info@targettheatre.ca

Target Artistic Coordinator Posting May 2017 pdf


Donate online to Target through Canada Helps Also, besides Canada Helps, we have a GoFundMe page. Donate online to Target through GoFundMe The GoFundMe page was set up specifically for donations to support the writing and producing of a play on Hearing Loss. Hearing Loss affects a broad spectrum of individuals, including almost 50% of people over 60. Target hopes to have the first performance of this play ready for spring, 2018 – with your help. Thank you for donating.

Performance schedule

Performance Schedule

Upcoming shows
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming performances right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
Age on WheelsJesken Aerie Assisted Living Residence07/06/172:00pmMap
Age On WheelsOak BayMonterey Centre28/04/171:00pmMap
Post-ItsVictoria, BCYakimovich Wellness Centre (Hillside Seniors Health Centre) 24/03/172:00pmMap
I’m Still HereJesken Aerie Assisted Living Residence15/03/17TBDPrivate FunctionMap
I’m Still HereMount St Mary’s08/03/17TBDPrivate FunctionMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria23/02/173:00pmPrivate FunctionMap
Age on WheelsJewish Community Centre of Victoria20/02/17TBDPrivate FunctionMap
I'm Still HereElder Friendly Community Network14/01/172:00pmMap
Age on WheelsUnited Church Retirees24/11/162:00pmMap
Age On WheelsVictoria, BCThe Victorian on Feltham09/11/163:00pmMap
No Big DealOak BayMonterey Centre03/11/161:00pmMap
Info Session (no play)Saanich Probus19/10/1610:00amMap
Fund Raiser: Are You Of Age? with I'm Still Here, Post-Its, I'm HerbertVictoria, BCIntrepid15/10/162:00pmMap
I'm Still HereCentral Saanich Seniors25/09/162:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria22/09/163:00pmMap
No Big DealJewish Community Centre of Victoria16/05/16TBDMap
No Big DealVictoriaHillside Seniors Health Centre03/04/161:30pmMap
I’m Still HereNanaimoGerontological Nursing Association of BC12/03/162:30pmMap
I’m Still HereVictoria Hospice25/02/163:00pmMap
I’m Still HereOak BayMonterey Centre06/01/1611:30amMap
I’m Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie18/11/151:45pmMap
I’m Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons04/11/152:00pmMap
I'm Herbert and Post-ItsVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+27/10/1510:30amMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria08/10/153:00pmMap
TrilogySidney All Care27/05/152:30pmMap
Presentation on Target followed by one of the comediesProbus Royal Oak at Uplands Golf Club13/04/1510:00amMap
A Trilogy of ComediesJewish Community Centre of Victoria23/03/15TBDMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons11/03/152:00pmMap
A Trilogy of ComediesGordon Head Connecting Seniors05/03/151:30pmMap
A Trilogy of ComediesOphir Place28/02/157:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria26/02/153:00pmMap
2 ComediesVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+28/10/1410:30amMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria23/10/143:00pmMap
Dot ConSaanich Grads05/06/141:00pmMap
Stayin' AliveSooke Branch #88 of OAP & Seniors' Org28/05/141:30pmMap
Stayin' AliveVictoria, BCShannon Oaks23/05/142:00pmMap
Dot Con & Stayin' AliveCampbell River Seniors' Centre07/05/147:00pmMap
Dot Con & Stayin' AliveParksville Drop-In Centre and Qualicum Beach Seniors' Centre06/05/147:00pmMap
Dot ConVictoria, BC 30/04/14TBDMap
Stayin' AliveVictoria, BCGoward House03/04/14TBDMap
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival23/03/142:00pmMap
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival22/03/148:00pmMap
FirewallVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival21/03/148:00pmMap
Firewall - OpeningVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival20/03/148:00pmMap
Firewall - PreviewVictoria, BCBelfry SPARK Festival19/03/148:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria20/02/14TBDMap
Stayin' AliveLIONS at CNIB12/02/14TBDMap
Stayin AliveVictoriaSaanich Volunteer Appreciation at Cedar Hill Golf Club23/01/148:00pmMap
Stayin AliveVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie22/01/148:00pmMap
Stayin' AliveSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre13/12/13TBDMap
Dot ConPrivate Venue22/11/13TBDMap
Stayin' Alive After 55Victoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+29/10/13TBDMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCThe Victorian on Feltham24/10/132:00pmMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCOak Bay Kiwanis Club24/10/137:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria03/10/1312:00amMap
Dot ConSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre11/09/131:30pmMap
Target Fund RaiserVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre18/05/138:00pmMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCGoward House10/05/131:00pmMap
Dot COnVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+07/05/1310:00amMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCSaanich Centre Silver Threads30/04/131:30pmRSVP to 250-382-3151Map
Dot ConVictoria, BCVictoria Centre Silver Threads23/04/131:30pmRSVP to 250-388-4268Map
No Big DealVictoria, BCPrivate Venue09/04/137:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCSaanich Penninsula Hospitial21/02/137:15pmMap
I'm Still HereRichmond, BCHospice, Richmond07/02/132:30pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie29/11/121:45pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria01/11/122:55pmMap
No Big Deal for Volunteer Patient AppreciationVictoriaIsland Medical School13/10/128:00pmMap
No Big Deal Innaugural performanceVictoria, BCPrivate Venue12/06/12TBDMap
FundraiserVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre19/05/127:00pmMap
Dot ConPrivate Venue09/05/12TBDMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue23/02/12TBDMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+14/02/12TBDMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue20/10/113:00pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCPrivate Venue15/10/111:00pmMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCGoward House19/05/11TBDMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre15/05/11TBDMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCCordova Bay Seniors 55+12/04/1110:20amMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCYakimovich Wellness Centre (Hillside Seniors Health Centre) 26/03/112:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BC 03/03/112:50amMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCShannon Oaks18/01/112:00pmMap
Dot ConVictoria, BCBereavement Self Help Resources01/12/107:30pmMap
Age on WheelsEsquimalt, BCArchie Browning Arena17/11/101:20pmMap
CancelledVictoria, BCBerwick Retirement Communities07/10/102:00pmMap
Age on WheelsSidney, BC St. Andrew’s Church Hall12/06/10TBDMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCGoward House26/04/103:00pmMap
Intergenerational Event - Age on Wheels excerptsVictoria, BCCedar Hill Recreation Centre23/04/106:00pmMap
I'm Still HereTofino, BCPacific Rim Hospice20/04/10TBDMap
TBAVictoria, BCBerwick Retirement Communities15/04/102:00pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCOak Bay Kiwanis Club01/04/108:00pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCVictorian at McKenzie05/03/102:00pmMap
Age on WheelsSidney, BCBeacon Community Services, Shoal Centre18/02/101:30pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCBurnside-Gorge Community Centre16/02/10TBDMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCShannon Oaks15/02/102:30pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BC 10/02/108:00pmVictoria Lion’s ClubMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue28/01/103:10pmVictoria Hospice, Psychosocial CourseMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCJuan de Fuca Seniors’ Centre21/01/101:00pmMap
I'm Still HereDuncan, BCSt. Edward’s Church15/11/092:00pmMap
I’m Still HereVancouver, BCPrivate Venue09/11/091:45pmBC Association of Social WorkersMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCFairfield Activity Centre04/11/0911:45amMap
I Don’t Know You AnymoreVictoria, BCPrivate Venue26/10/097:00pmGerontology Nursing AssociationMap
An Evening with TargetVictoria, BCLangham Court Theatre15/10/096:15pmMap
Age on WheelsVictoria, BCTheatre @ Berwick Royal Oak13/10/092:00pmMap
I’m Still HereVictoria, BCPrivate Venue08/10/093:10pmVictoria Hospice, Psychosocial CourseMap
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country, Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance) Victoria, BCAlexander Mackie Lodge13/03/092:00pmMap
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country, Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance)Victoria, BCJames Bay New Horizons11/03/092:00pmMap
I’m Still HereParksville, BCTigh-Na-Mara28/02/093:30pm3-day graduate students research event (associated with UNBC and SFU)Map
I’m Still HereVictoria , BCMedical Science Building at UVIC26/02/095:00pmIsland Medical ProgramMap
I’m Still Here Victoria, BCHotel Grand Pacific19/02/092:45pmVictoria Hospice Society- Psychosocial CourseMap
Trilogy (A Quiet Day in the Country, Faceless Bureaucrats and At the Dance) Victoria, BCSaanich Centre Silver Threads21/01/097:00pmMap
I'm Still HereVictoria, BCHospice, Victoria8:00pmMap
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