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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming performances right now. Check back soon!

Target Theatre’s newest play

“Can You Hear the Birds?” by Kat Taddei, explores hearing loss, what it means to the person who has a hearing loss, how we can understand what that loss means, and how we can support that person.

In Memoriam

Fred Mabey April 4/18

Target Theatre Open House & AGM

Thurs June 14 at Langham Court Theatre (door in parking lot)

10:30 Rehearsal Room

Drop in to see what we are doing

12:00 Lounge – Pot Luck Lunch & AGM

I’m Still Here – 21/10/17

I'm Still Here
Saturday, October 21, 2017
2:00pm - All Ages
Elder Friendly Community Network, The Wellesley (map)

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