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Target Theatre's newest play:
Stayin' Alive
By Susan Wilkey and Judith McDowell.
Concerns related to staying safe are humorously brought to life by The Target Gang in this 40's style radio show with songs, music, a soap opera, the comedy of Dot and Dotty and, of course, the melodies of the Target Singers.

Dot Con – Victoria, BC – 23/04/13

Dot Con
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
1:30pm - RSVP to 250-388-4268 -
Victoria Centre Silver Threads (map)
1728 Douglas St
Victoria, BC V8W 2G7
Other Info
By Esme Gosling. An hilarious look at the way older adults are (or are not) coping with the new computer age. An elderly woman and her friends sample the ups and downs of computer dating, investing, and other questionable online “opportunities.”

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