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Target Theatre's newest play:
Stayin' Alive
By Susan Wilkey and Judith McDowell.
Concerns related to staying safe are humorously brought to life by The Target Gang in this 40's style radio show with songs, music, a soap opera, the comedy of Dot and Dotty and, of course, the melodies of the Target Singers.

I’m Still Here – Victoria, BC – 21/02/13

By Vrenia Ivonoffski with Gail Mitchell & Christine Jonas-Simpson. A research-based Drama on Living with Dementia, weaves several real-life stories together to present a moving and ultimately hopeful look at dementia. The play increases understanding and diminishes the fears and stigma that often surround this subject.

I'm Still Here
Thursday, February 21, 2013
7:15pm - All Ages
Saanich Penninsula Hospitial (map)
Victoria, BC

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