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Target Theatre's newest play:
“Can You Hear the Birds?” by Kat Taddei, explores hearing loss, what it means to the person who has a hearing loss, how we can understand what that loss means, and how we can support that person.

About us

Victoria Target Theatre Society

Started in 1986 as a group of older adults with an interest in the performing arts, Victoria Target Theatre Society has grown into a company of mature actors who provide a voice for the concerns of seniors.

Target uses theatre to address seniors’ issues because theatre stimulates and moves people in a way that is different from ideas learned through lectures or books.

Backed by a volunteer board of directors, and with the help of an artistic director, the company is continually developing new material as it finds its services more and more in demand.

To enquire about booking a Target performance for your organization, please contact us by email at info@targettheatre.ca

Clips from I’m Still Here used with permission. I’m Still Here was written by Vrenia Ivonoffski, with Gail Mitchell and Christine Jonas-Simpson (on whose research the show is based), and developed at ACT II STUDIO, Ryerson. Thanks to the students at Pacific Film and New Media Academy, who made the video, and to the Victoria Foundation for recommending Target as a class project.